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MAISODEL is a company specialized in the maintenance of electrical switchgear for high, medium and low voltage.

A switchgear is the set of devices used for the maneuvering, protection, measurement, regulation and control of electrical installations regardless of their voltage.

Some of the switchgear in which usually perform our services are:

  • Capacitors
  • Contactors
  • Disconnectors
  • Air insulated switch disconnectors
  • Protection relays
  • Circuit breakers
  • Circuit breakers-disconnectors
  • Automatic circuit breakers
  • Circuit breakers for generators
  • Primary and Secondary distribution cells
  • Substations.

Any voltage switchgear (380 V - 420 kV), any type (cutting air, oil, vacuum gas) and any brand or model (ABB, AEG, ALSTOM, AREVA, Cenemesa, GENERAL ELECTRIC, INAEL , ISODEL, Merlin Gerin, MESA, METRON, OERLIKON, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, SIEMENS, SPRECHER ENERGIE, WESTINGHOUSE, ...).

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