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SF6 specialized maintenance

The staff of Maisodel is certified for the recovery of sulfur hexafluoride in high voltage switching equipment (in accordance with the EC Regulation 842/2006 and EC 305/2008).

Thanks to the skill of our staff, our working procedures, and that our equipment, hoses and devices that have automatic shut-off elements, can guarantee that the SF6 emissions into the atmosphere are minimized.

In Maisodel we have the needed means to:

  • Analyze the quality of the SF6 on a switchgear:
    Multianalyzer equipment with restitution of analyzed gas which determines:
    • Humidity (dew point).
    • Decomposition products.
    • Gas purity in %.
  • Detection of leakages of SF6 in a switchgear:
    Manual equipment for leak detection.
  • Treatment / handling of SF6 from a switch::
    • Equipment for recovery and storage of used SF6.
    • Cylinders for the recovery of SF6 and its subsequent management.
    • Equipment for the evacuation of air switches, compartments,... of SF6
    • Equipment for filling of SF6.
    • Cylinders of new SF6.
  • Management of end-of-life of SF6 equipment:
    • Recovery of SF6 from its interior.
    • Decontamination of the internal elements.
    • Segregation of components for their treatment.
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